New York: The Un-Instagramable_ Part 3

New York: The un-Instagramable – Part 3

I walked out of the Uber and the cold air greeted me on my way out. My dramatic self thought; “Is this how this lonely trip is going to feel too? Cold AF?”

But God Fam! But God!

I walked into the hotel with my suitcases (home girl is extra, and for five days, my mom had to convince me not to pack a third suitcase ^^). Remembering I had at least managed to get myself to the hotel alone, I stood a little taller. “You’ve got this” I encouraged myself!

In the 100 times I beat myself up, there are those moments I am learning to get more and more of; patting myself in the back! “You go Glenn Coco! Four roses for you Glen Coco!” (Don’t talk to me if you don’t know this reference fam ^^).

I walked into the hotel and right into the welcoming smile of the receptionist. She literally looked excited to see me. She was soon joined by her co-worker, who looked equally as excited to see me. It was like, “Okay, this ain’t the South but talk about some hospitality! Damn yall!

As I was welcomed, I forced myself to match the excitement with which I was being greeted.

“So you and your friend will be staying in room…” I don’t know what she said after that. I was too busy wondering who in the hell she was referring to! My friend? I had a friend I had contacted and intended to meet during my stay in New York, but she wouldn’t be staying with me…she lives in New York.

I soon felt the warm discomfort of a stare to my left. It was not an uncomfortable one for long, as I turned to uncover my cousin Karmen’s smug smile, as she rested her elbow on the reception counter, a cup of coffee in her hand.

I think I must have shrieked pretty loud, before launching myself in her arms. My mom insisting, I pack some ‘going out’ outfits, and my cousin’s impatience at me saying I would get to the hotel in one hour… It all made sense now. We semi-jumped semi-hugged in synchronicity as the two receptionists watched, the same warm smiles on their faces. They genuinely looked like they had had fun, being apart of my cousin’s surprise.

“When was the last time you two last saw each other?” One of the ladies asked.

Without a thought I replied, “Last month, in Paris!”, before realizing my answer made us look bougie as fuck, and quite frankly overly dramatic. But we weren’t being overly dramatic. My cousin Karmen and I always part without knowing the next time we will see each other.

Remembering this fact makes me a little sad, remembering too that I haven’t seen her since New York. We speak almost everyday so that explains why I am just now remembering that I haven’t seen her since May. Back in April, neither of us thought we would be seeing each other again so soon. On top of that, it had taken all our cash to get here (and a lot of borrowed cash too) … no matter how bougie my answer had sounded.

I was all of a sudden very grateful that I hadn’t cancelled my trip, and that I wouldn’t have to sooth my heart alone, with only a hot beverage to sooth me (Sheldon Cooper’s remedy for sadness ^^). I had my sister friend with me.

Our first trip, took us, (me feeling less afraid to get lost – which we did, only to land, eyes glowing, in Grand Central station, as I imagined myself as a character in every romantic movie shot there, like Just my luck, with the love of my life, Chris Pine ^^) to the MOMA. I wore an H&M skirt I really loved. I just didn’t remember when it had gotten this loose on me.

We walked the last lag of our trip to the museum as I sang “New York, New York” by Frank Sinatra, documenting the walk on Instagram. In my mind, I was tortured by the thought of how much weight I had lost, and how long this involuntary weight loss would continue. Involuntary weight loss you say? A year prior, Meguy from the past would have reveled at that! I never imagined weight lost would ever upset me… Ever!

If you’ve made it this far, thank you for reading me!

Until next time.




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