25 Facts about me

Hey hey yall! What’s good?

Greetings from Joburg!! It’s cold yall, it’s brick yoo, but I’m homeee! Hehe

So what are we talking about today? Me! Okayyy that sounded conceited. I did think however, that, when I follow blogs, I love to learn a little more about the people behind them. So, without further ado, here are 25 facts about me… If I can get to 25 facts. If I do though, prepare for some of them to be extra random! Either way, I’ll try to capture a little about me here 😊

  1. My name is Méguy Grace Massoudi

  2. I was unsure until the age of about 18 whether my name was written Meguy Grace or Méguy – Grâce. Now I know the Grace doesn’t have that accent. I still put the accent on the Méguy but… Was it really intended like that in the first place?

  3. My dad told me I was from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, when I was about 15 years old. Back when my parent got together Congo Brazzaville-Congo Kinshasa unions were kind of frowned upon (very popular now). So my dad took on the Congolese (Brazzaville) nationality and that was that.

  4. - Hi, my name is Méguy.

  • Hi Méguy

  • I am a shopaholic

  • Welcome to your S.A (Shopaholic Anonymous) meeting Méguy!

You want to get my heart rate up? All-expense paid shopping trip? I'm thereeee!

5. I am still kinda, sorta, afraid of the dark.

6. I’ve never seen most of the classic movies that I believe should serve as a right of passage for… I don’t know what really lol, but some examples are: Men in Black, Bad boys, Friday, the Rocky Balboa movies, and the list goes on!

7. I am crazyyyy competitive! And I just broke rule number one of being competitive: Never reveal you are competitive. That way you sneak up on them before they realize!

8. By the age of about 16, I had the worst potty mouth ever, and though I no longer do, I was always allowed to swear in front of my parents (just not at them haha)!

9. My favorite book is called The Ice Cream Girls, by Ghanaian- British author Dorothy Koomson.

10. My favorite author is Sophie Kinsella. I. Love. Her. Writing.

11. I have read 6 out of Jane Austen’s 7 novels and loveeed them…Okay Mansfield Park was challenging and took forever to finish, but still.

12. My favorite type of music is rap.

13. I love me some Frank Sinatra too!

14. Sometimes I need earphones in my ears soo bad, it’s like the music is actually giving me life!

15. I saw Abba live once, and I didn’t know who the hell they were. A few weeks later, I saw them on VH1 and realized it had been a big deal to see them perform.

16. Though having traveled a lot with my family, I have never, ever seen snow.

17. My favorite type of movies are Romantic comedies.

18. I cry in front of just about any movie. Remember in High-school Musical 2, when Troy and Gabriella momentarily broke up (The ‘I’ve got to move on and be whoooo I am’ part)? Yeahh, I cried at that part.

19. I’ve never dated.

20. I’m not sure I know what love is, nor if I’ve ever experienced it romantically.

21. I am however “drunk on the idea that love, only love, could heal our brokenness.” (Christopher Poindexter).

22. I am an empath. Often, because of it, I feel almost ill to the point that I cannot do much.

23. From the age of about 12, I dealt with an unhealthy body image, and forced myself into a thousand and one diets. It is something I still battle with, though getting so much better.

Lord, two more… What else?

24. I loveeeeee taking pictures. Point me to where the camera is at! I am therreee!

25. When I get into a Telenovela, if I miss an episode, I literally get heart palpitations! So… I banned Telemundo from my life. I’m not trying to get a heart attack because I missed an episode of La Impostora.

Yassss! I got to 25 hehe! I’ve always wanted to do this but ain’t nobody ever tagged me! (Insert stank eye emojie here).

Now I even want to add a bonus one chaii! Okay, allow me to add this: I am in love with Disney!! (Not the Founder, the creations)

Cinderella is my favourite Princess, (No I'm not too old to be typing this and no shade Meghan lol).I was a huge fan of Disney channel original series (That’s so Raven, Wizards of Waverly Place, Good luck Charlie…) and a surprise trip to Disneyland has been the definition of dreams coming true before ^^

Okay, before I find more to say, I’m out!

Thank you for reading, and until next time,




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