First date at church?

What are your thoughts on being asked out on a first date…The location? Church honey!

Let me lay down a little scenario for you, then you decide what you really think. Here goes:

Her name is Laura, his is Jason. 25 and 29 respectively. Laura has been single for the past two years and though she would like to think she is over the hurt of the past relationship, she isn’t. Then one day, on a sunset run in mid-March she meets a man. It’s mid-March, and it’s a sunset run. Wherever you imagine the story to take place, it starts off with a romantic mood already right? So on that faithful day she meets Jason. Tall, dark and handsome to say the least about this man. He is walking two gorgeous golden retrievers and oh boy that just ups the charm on this man. Laura stops dead in her tracks and literally, for the first time in her life, wonders how she is not going to let this man slide right between her fingers. After staring way too long at him, she kneels down to stare his dogs in the face. She cuddles them while she thinks of something to say. Then she thinks: He was staring too right? As longingly and intently as she was.

‘’Your dogs are beautiful. And very well behaved. You trained them yourself?’’

Awkward question she thinks but it gets the conversation going. Fast-forward 2 weeks later, and Laura and Jason are having late night conversations, from the ‘’you up?’’ text to the ‘’what d’you have for lunch today?’’. It’s time for Jason to ask Laura out. I don’t know how long everybody else waits, but two weeks is starting to feel very lengthy to him.

Then comes the first date invitation. The ‘’go out with me Saturday night’’ text.

Yall know Laura’s excited. An official date with mister tall, dark and handsome. Oh wait, there’s a follow up message concerning the date; ‘’there’s an adoration ceremony at church and I’d like you to come with me. Call it a first date if you will’’.

And just as you see it, Jason, has asked Laura out on a first date at church.

So…Would you be up for it?

I was first confronted with this subject upon switching on the television to watch one of my favourite shows; The Real. The girls were debating on the propriety of a man asking a woman out on a first date at church. I found the debate very interesting and thought I’d get it going here on the blog. So what would you have answered if you were Laura? And regardless of whether you would have accepted or not, what would you really have thought about a first rendez- vous at church? I asked around to get a bit of an idea with regards to what girls think on the subject. And all the opinions helped me form an idea of the subject myself. It’s not a yes or no question though, so I’m going to elaborate a little.

The first question I asked myself when confronted with the subject was; why in the hell (no pun intended) would a man want to take me to church for a first date? And the only thing that comes to mind is the fact that maybe taking me to church is a way of showing his respect, or how serious he is about starting a relationship. It’s a symbol of his profound and respectful affection for me and whatever relationship he expects to start with me. It’s a way of blessing our potential relationship. But it’s not all rainbows and butterflies.

When I asked around, one opinion stood out; what does Jason know about Laura’s relationship with God to allow himself the liberty of asking her out to church? Sure they’ve had two weeks to chat prior to the first date but does he really know enough about her to choose that sort of a first date? Does he know whether she prays every night but doesn’t go to church on Sundays? Or is she experiencing a difficult moment in her faith? And maybe church is the answer to her faith problems but hold on, is she even Christian? All those questions led me to the conclusion that though there are a lot of good points to be won by a man that takes you to church on a first date, it seems that the church date is more of a 3rd or 4th date kind of thing. When we’ve learned a little more about each other you know?

What are your thoughts? And while we’re on the topic, what is the ideal first date for you?

I imagine myself on a first date with Mr tall dark and handsome in an amusement park, at night, with the bright lights of the amusement rides. I think it would be a laid back kind of way to get to know a guy. A fun and relaxed way. I do think I’m an amusement park junky but, on those scary rides, mister tall dark and handsome would get to feel like the protector. What guy doesn’t like that feeling hey?

And on that note I’ll leave you to reflect on this topic! Hope you’ve enjoyed reading my article and if you’ve made it this far, until next time!

Bisous, Meg.


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